Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Remember

I remember the sounds the world made, the songs of trees and stones and stars,
the sound of flowing water that made my heart sing,
I remember the sounds I knew
before my soul went deaf from the fever I had as a child.
I am learning to hear them once again,
and I am learning to sing.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


My dreams burn;
the inner-most places of my body and soul,
guarded for light years
by ice-walls,
from anyone’s touch,
burn with memories.

My blood burns,
with the heat of the bed,
now cold,
my skin with blisters and scars,
my tongue with the taste of salt.

My mind burns,
with his voice and the music,
with the scent of spice and sweat and smoke,
with pictures of him in that bed with another.

My heart burns itself to ashes,
with the pain of cold empty space,
and the coals of the flames it once felt.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Autumn Ride

Brandywine mare moving rhythmic under smooth leather and soft denim.
Wandering careless among crimson leaves.
Smoke rising from home-hearth, strong scent on whisper-wind.
Afternoon sun glowing golden through bare branches of old apple-orchard on october-mountain.
Wild geese flying low, sing of Scottish Kings.


Light caresses of
Catch in Cobwebs of
Electric Storms

The Flame Within

I walked tonight, just the short distance between two places, neither one of much importance.

I could have been on the moor, or in Pennsylvania wandering a cornfield, post-harvest.

This isn’t Kansas - This isn’t Oz.

Through a crack in the sky shone the clear, dark, icy night of space.

The total absence of warmth - The total absence of light from without.

The wind unrelenting on my face.

No warm soft kisses, no strong arms, no hearth and home with love and comfort.

Alone outside on a night like this will doubtless bring tears to the eyes.

Blame them on the cold of the night.

Survive on the flame within.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance
When the sun comes through the window in the afternoon,
and the shadows of the curtains are cast upon the walls and dance,
and the birds chatter in the trees, and the leaves whisper,
I can almost hear their secrets.

They tease me with their hushed proverbs, knowledge unknown, time forgotten.
And I know that the wind holds wisdom, and I remember the voice that told me,
that tried to teach me its language.

I remember the sound of laughter, and the water of the river that flowed, that flows still, running over rocks and keeping such memories that they shall never be lost.

The silence becomes easy and the passage of time un-feared.
The face that I see when I close my eyes is human and not an angel.
All is not dark, all is not light, but shadows dance and lie still and dance again.


A cold wind blows through the fence;
the gate swings shut with a glacial clank.
Snow falls and settles, turning brown sand to white.
There are no toys in this sand-box.
The wind blows down the slide and climbs through the spaces up the ladder.
Empty swings rise and fall with the wind, the see-saw seems to balance,
the wind lifting one side and then the other.
Soon all is covered with snow,
and more snow falls
and the wind presses against it,
and more snow falls,
and none ever melts,
and snow presses against snow,
and ice upon ice,
and a cold wind blows through the fence.

I am a writer

I am a writer.  I have been since I was a child.  Recently I have been looking through a box of my work (hand written because I had no computer until a few years ago) and have decided that some of it is worth sharing or at least using as inspiration for new stories or poems.
My first blog, http://findinglightamongtheshadows.blogspot.com/  is about my journey in a more specific way and I want to stay on point. 
While all of my writing is about my journey, or a reflection of it, much is simply fiction or poetry about life in its broader pallet.  Here is where I intend to share with the world all of the colors of my work.  Some of it is very dark, which should not surprise anyone who has read my other blog.  It should also not be cause for concern.  Much of my darkest work was written long ago when I was wandering in the wasteland.  I want to be open and relatively uncensored in sharing my writing because it is good to remember where you have been and to see how far you have come. 
So welcome to the other side of my shadows.  I hope you enjoy reading.